white lines who killed axel

10. Twenty years after he first disappeared, Axel’s troubled sister Zoe (Laura Haddock) heads to Ibiza for answers about her brother’s past and who could have killed him all those years ago. Anna dances with her new husband while one of her daughters sits indulging on ice-cream, while the other refuses to attend. Netflix's White Lines is a wild ride of violence, all-night parties, and falling in love with people you shouldn't fall in love with. A confrontation with Marcus on her wedding day sees her reveal she still loves him but he now hates her for cheating with and killing Axel - which he learned from his new lover Kika, who he is now in love with and happy with. With Laura Haddock, Nuno Lopes, Marta Milans, Daniel Mays. The pair bundled Axel’s body into the boot of Oriol’s car. Panicking that Anna would go to prison for trying to kill Axel, Marcus knocked him down with the car. British, Crime TV Dramas, TV Thrillers, TV Dramas. Netflix's White Lines is a wild ride of violence, all-night parties, and falling in love with people you shouldn't fall in love with. A broken and unhinged Zoe then kidnaps Boxer and is certain that he or Oriol killed her father but instead learns that neither did and had no cause to: before he died, Axel sold all his clubs and music to Oriol and planned on leaving Ibiza after splitting from Kika. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. No, I think it makes sense. Our. The 10-part show is told across two timelines as … This recap of White Lines season 1, episode 10, contains spoilers for the White Lines ending. But if, for whatever reason, you don't have the patience to finish the whole mystery and are wondering who killed Axel in White Lines… Netflix’s White Lines is a homicide thriller in contrast to every other, happening in opposition to the gorgeous backdrop of Ibiza, dwelling to a number of the wildest events on the planet. But will they face prison time for the murder? White Lines is full of twists and turns, so you'd be forgiven if you got a little lost at parts. In the finale, we find out who is responsible. Let us know in the comments below. Laura Haddock is starring as Zoe Walker, a woman traveling to the island to investigate her brother’s disappearance, Axel Collins, who was a famous DJ until he was missing 20 years ago. Netflix has yet to confirm whether White Lines will return for a second season. Anna confesses to a shocked Zoe, saying she was so scared of losing Marcus. The show revolves around a mystery: Who killed Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries) in Ibiza in the late '90s? This content is imported from {embed-name}. In the finale of Netflix 's White Lines, viewers finally learned who killed Axel Collins, the DJ whose body was found mummified in the Spanish desert. Rate. Netflix's new show 'White Lines' leads viewers on a mission to figure out who killed Axel Collins. A woman tries to solve the mysterious death of her brother, a famous DJ who disappeared from Ibiza many years ago. 8. Let's unpack the shocking culmination. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Netflix: White Lines arrives The series stars Laura Haddock as Zoe Walker, a woman who heads out to Ibiza when the body of her brother Axel (played by … It stars Laura Haddock, Nuno Lopes, Marta Milans, Daniel Mays, Laurence Fox, Angela Griffin, Juan Diego Botto and Tom Rhys Harries. Created by Álex Pina. Will Oriol and the Calafats win their war with Martínez family? The 10-episode first series was released on Netflix on 15 May 2020.

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